Hear What People Are Saying…

“My passion for teaching has certainly increased and my philosophy of education has changed in many ways simply by being open-minded and encouraged by Ms. Mary Grogan to try new methods of teaching while here at the Preparatory School.            – C. Gillikin

“I will never forget, “When blame is high, responsibility is low” and the importance of reflection. You taught me how to be a better educator, how to stand up for myself, how to interact with people, and just be a better person.”  – Karla

“Integrity is a word that I would certainly use when describing Miss Grogan; as she says what she means, and does what she says. From my personal experience, this is a very rare trait in an administrator, let alone the general population at large. In my attempt to be concise I feel that I have not been able to do Miss Grogan justice in the value that she brings to any role, and I believe that she is a special teacher and administrator who’s wealth of knowledge and experience can be best witnessed in the field of action.                                                                                                  – D. Griffin, Elementary School Teacher, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

“You are the perfect at people building and guiding leadership. From a business perspective, the more one moves up the ladder the less one is involved in the day-to-day business functions and the more one becomes involved in strategy formation (i.e. leading change, team development, motivation); this is where you shine. Whatever you may lack in business acumen you exceed in human development. You will be great.” Love –S

“What really impressed me at the school was how well- spoken the principal, Mary Grogan is and how well she treats her fellow teachers. I have interacted with a few principals back home and none were as compassionate, well-spoken, patient, and caring as Mary Grogan. It takes a lot to run a school in the states, but it takes even more patience and dedication to run a school in another country. I have had many discussions with Mary Grogan and I see that all the teachers feel that they can go to her to discuss any problems that may arise in their classrooms.” – T. A. Markowitz, Classroom Volunteer