The 7 C’s of Global Leadership:

An Inward Journey to Tapping Into Your Potential.

This book invites you to take an inward journey of self-reflection so that you can
tap into your competencies as a global leader. Global leaders are people who know that they
influence others in whatever position they have and believe that they are guided by
the principles of the golden rule and ubantu i.e. we must treat others respectfully
because we belong to the same human family. They can change the world by
becoming aware of their own potential for leadership and taking appropriate action
for social change.

This book invites you to reflect on the 7 C’s- the competencies within you as a
leader. This awareness will help you to grow more confident and competent in
building the kind of inclusive, innovative and respectful teams required for 21 st
century success in community and business. Using the quotes and the questions
posed at each C: Connecting to Self, Change Agent, Communication, Cultural
Awareness, Curiosity, Creativity and Community Building you will examine your
thoughts, feelings and experiences and build on your strengths. I recommend using
a journal to capture your ideas/feelings.

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