Hi, I’m Mary.

I am passionate about helping you to discover your potential, and gifts so that you can: shine your unique light with love; enhance the quality of your life and; make a difference within your relationships, workplace or community.  Becoming aware empowers you with confidence and competence to live a life of purpose and to influence others to create a world of inclusivity and peace. 

As a Co-active Coach, I create a respectful and trusting relationship with you, as an equal and engaging partner in the process so you can celebrate your own progress and growth.

How Do I Do This?

By facilitating conversations that include reflective and challenging questions, I will support you to safely explore your thoughts, and feelings related to your experiences and underlying assumptions.  Because I have had the privilege of working with and learning from many people with diverse backgrounds of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation and status,  I welcome conversations related to concerns about equity, inclusion and social justice.

I am inspired by my clients who take the risk to reflect, evaluate outdated paradigms and, integrate new insights into action plans for change. 

If you are interested in building your life skills and leadership capacity for personal and professional growth, please contact me for an introductory call. 

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