Mary Grogan Ed.D.

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

As a passionate educator, I have spent a lifetime inspiring, and supporting diverse
students, teachers, families, and a variety of professionals to realize their potential
and dreams. Committed to values of social justice and a humanistic leadership
style, I have led inclusive, collaborative and innovative learning communities, and
delivered professional development initiatives at local, national and international
conferences. As a curious learner, I juggled a career with raising 2 children while
completing a B.A. in Sociology degree, a M.Ed. in Applied Psychology and
certificates in Family Therapy, Mediation, Principal’s Qualifications and,
Cognitive Coaching. While working as a Principal and a part-time behavior
instructor on a medical school campus in Dominica, I completed a doctorate
(Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership for Teaching and Learning.

My role as a facilitator of reflective practice with medical students in the
Caribbean and, my doctoral research on professionalism confirmed that guided
reflection is an essential tool for personal and professional growth and leadership.

This realization compelled me to share my knowledge about its importance for
building leadership capacity. Therefore I wrote The 7 C’s of Global Leadership,
an inward journey of tapping into your potential to help others develop the

Currently, I live in the vibrant multi-cultural city of Toronto close to the lake and, a
yoga studio. When not working as a consultant or Co-Active Coach, I enjoy
theatre, dancing, music, a good book, volunteering in the community, socializing
with friends and most certainly laughter, conversation, and activities with my
husband, children and grandchildren.